Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What makes you different makes you special

As my oldest daughter is starting kindergarten, I've been trying to prepare her for that inevitable day when someone makes fun of her.  I am also aware that some day someone will say something mean to her about her brother.  I came across a post someone made using the phrase "what makes you different makes you special" and I really liked it.  So, I explained to her that since she had straight hair and her sister had curly hair, they were different from each other, but that their hair made them special.  I asked her what was different about her brother.  Her response was that his hair was short like his dad's.  Even now, she still just sees him as her baby brother.
He also has proved us wrong.  The last time his physical therapist saw him she warned me that it would be a while before he began rolling over.  I agreed with her, saying "I know he is no where near rolling over."  The very next day, he got so mad about being on his stomach (which is one of his exercises) that he rolled himself over to his back!!!!  I keep trying unsuccessfully to capture it on video.  He is still not doing it regularly, but he has done it a few times.  He is also cooing quite a bit (usually when I am somewhere that he needs to be quiet), smiling and laughing.

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